Being prepared for a breakdown

When it comes to driving, there is little that is more frustrating than breaking down at the side of the road, especially if it is a particularly busy road or a road in the middle of nowhere. So many accidents are caused when cars break down that it is essential you are prepared – the more prepared you are, the better.

Now that almost every adult owns a mobile phone, SOS phones seem to be getting less and less common, and they are often several miles apart. Try to make sure you carry your mobile phone with you when driving, and have it charged enough to use in an emergency. It can also be valuable if you do not know your exact location as most allow an accurate location using GPS.

If you are on a busy or winding road where a car could run into the back of you, always get out of the vehicle and move away – ideally further back from the car rather than forward in case it is run into from behind and shunted. A fluorescent jacket would be a great idea, especially if you could carry enough for any other occupants of the car too – the thin vest types take up minimal amounts of space. You can also get cones that you can place further back along the road to alert other drivers to the hazard coming up – and hazard lights, if your electrics are still working, are essential too.

Finally, emergency snacks and drinks are also worth keeping in your car for situations such as this – a couple of bottles of water and some biscuits or similar.


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