Carrying a Spare Tyre with you

You should always carry a spare tyre in your car. It’s important for if you break down in an inconvenient place and it will also save you money as it’s much cheaper to change a tyre yourself. You will also enjoy the freedom of not having to call out a breakdown company just because your tyre needs to be replaced.

If your car doesn’t come with a spare tyre, keep one in the boot or attach it to the back of the vehicle. Make sure your spare tyre is a high enough quality that you will be able to drive a large number of miles on it if you need to. Whilst it doesn’t have to be as good as your regular tyres, it does need to be a reliable alternative if you need to use it. If you are renting a car, make sure it comes with a spare tyre, especially if you are in another country where you may not be able to call your usual breakdown assistance company.

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