Cost Analysis of Petrol vs. Diesel Vehicles

One important question in a car buyer’s mind is bound to be, “Do I get a petrol or a diesel vehicle?”. Many will wonder which will save them the most, long-term, but this answer also depends on the driver and how they plan to use the vehicle. When purchasing a vehicle, diesel vehicles are typically £1,000-£2,000 more than a petrol equivalent but this higher cost could be recouped for those that tend to drive longer distances.

There is also fuel cost to consider, petrol is usually a little less than diesel, but diesel is more economical and uses less fuel per mile. For those that tend to do more short-distance or city driving, paying that extra bit of cash for a diesel probably will not be best for them long-term. However, buying a diesel when you travel 15,000 miles or more a year, could save you in fuel costs and road tax.

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