Diesel News

The Government announced in 2020 that the sale of brand new petrol and diesel vehicles would be banned by 2030.  Car manufacturers are unhappy with this and are arguing that they do not want this ban to come into place until 2035. This will allow them more time to research and develop new electric-only vehicles.

This ban does not just affect petrol and diesel cars, it also affects hybrid vehicles which use both petrol and battery power as a source of fuel.

Second-hand sales of petrol and diesel cars will continue after 2030 as the ban only affects brand new vehicles.

Technology such as AdBlue and diesel particulate filters (DPF) are designed to filter out the soot particulates and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions that have been linked to ill health. These DPF’s have caused a few legal issues with the latest, Vauxhall, being taken to court.

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