Driving your car to save fuel

With the cost of fuel rising again over the last 6 months or so, many of us are looking at how we can cut down on petrol or diesel costs by driving our car more economically.

Most people are aware that you use less fuel when driving a car in a higher gear and using less revs. If you are constantly accelerating and then braking you are likely to use more fuel that if travelling at a constant speed. Leaving enough of a gap between you and the car in front will allow you to have to brake less if they happen to slow down a little bit.

Cruise control can help cut down on fuel bills as it keeps the car at a constant speed. But if you are using cruise control when doing up and down hills then you may actually use more than if you were not using it.

Insuring that your car has had a good service recently and that your tyres are in good condition and inflated correctly will also help with fuel economy. If you take your car to a garage they will often check your tyres and even your air pressure in your tyres for free.


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