Pros and cons of personal breakdown cover

If you have ever been in the position that your car has broken down and you don’t have personal breakdown cover then you may kick yourself for not having it. alternatively, you may have personal breakdown cover and not ever actually needed to use it. so, what are the pros and cons?

– It’s affordable – you can often add personal breakdown cover on your car insurance policy and its fairly cheap. Much cheaper than breaking down and having to acquire roadside assistance which can often be pricey.

– Your policy covers other vehicles, not just yours. If you happen to breakdown in a family member or a friend’s vehicle you may be covered even if it’s not your vehicle. This only applies to personal breakdown cover, not vehicle breakdown cover.

– Offers you peace of mind. Ensuring you have adequate breakdown cover offers you peace of mind that you will be rescued in the event of a breakdown.


– Your policy will only cover you if you are in a vehicle – if a family member breaks down and you are not in the vehicle they will not be covered.

– Whilst still affordable – personal breakdown cover is likely to be more expensive than vehicle breakdown cover.

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