Review of the Mercedes A Class – A180 CDI AMG Sport

First impressions matter a lot for Merc’s first real attempt at the Golf class. Keen to shed both the twin-set-lady-carriage reputation of its predecessor and pull the brand’s average driver age down, this is a car that needs to look young, angry and purposeful, and there’s no doubt that it does. Here in AMG Sport trim, it looks stunning and most people would be proud to drive one.

Carbon fibre dash trim, the sleek air vents and smooth, iPad-esque screen all work well to push the beige & walnut setups of the past well out of mind, and the sport seats make clear that this is not really a car designed for the elderly.

It is a beautifully detailed and well-presented space to be – and a big departure from the past.

It is, however, a first attempt, and this is a hotly contested class with a large number of contenders with many years more experience and refinement. Making a car look great is the work of one good lead designer, as you can see from any new Kia. However, getting the rest right is a much more complex job.

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