Should you always buy the cheapest tyres?

Buying tyres is something most of us have to do at least once a year if not two or three times. When it comes to cost, is it always better to buy the cheapest? The answer is no, it really depends on what sort of driving you do and how much. If you are someone that uses your car quite a bit and drive in all weather conditions then you really should go for a decent brand of tyre, this will not only assist you in the bad conditions but also means the tyre will last longer than equivalent cheaper brands. Having better quality tyres can actually also improve your fuel economy.


Cheaper tyres are ok if you only use the car occasionally and tend not to drive much in the rain, ice and snow. These tyres still do the job but tend to wear quickly and provide less grip. If you are unsure of which brand to go for, speak to a local tyre specialist and ask their advice.

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