What to do if you Need a New Cambelt

If you need a new cambelt for your vehicle, it can take a lot of work and be a major expense. The cambelt is an integral part of the vehicle’s engine and will synchronise the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft. So what should you do if it breaks?

You will need to get the cambelt changed if you do plan on keeping the car. You won’t be able to drive the vehicle without it and if it breaks whilst you are driving, you will most definitely know that something is seriously wrong. The car will lose power after you hear a loud noise.

You should take your car to a garage but make sure you get it towed. Do not attempt to restart the engine, especially if you suspect the cambelt. Let the garage look at the car and carry out a full assessment. As it is such an expensive job, you may want to get various quotes.

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